Zachery Rhys and Alex Hawk

Do you want to play a game? Invite some of the hottest men you know to some fun in the sun, food, and sex. As guests take a multi-colored cup for their drink, tell them each color represents something, only don't tell them what. At least, not just yet. Wait until they're good and relaxed, hot and bothered from sunning themselves, swimming practically naked, and totally horny to the point where they'll fuck anything or anyone. That's when you tell them. Guests with a blue cup will top, guests with an orange cup are tempted -- or at the very least gay curious -- and guests with purple cups will bottom. Then watch the sparks fly! First up are Zachery Rhys and everyone's favorite bottom slut, Alex Hawk. Blond and tattooed Zachery swims towards Alex, laying on a float. The two waste little time going inside where, after a quick cock sucking session, Zachery slides that raw cock inside Alex and starts pumping. After bareback fucking the hungry cock whore with gusto, Zachery spews his seed all over Alex then fingers his hole, rubbing his prostate until Alex blows his load as well.
Featuring:  Alex Hawk, Zachery Rhys
Release Date: 01/19/2022