Yorman and Gaston Ccito

Yorman didn't come to play. He came to fuck. As did Gaston, and he made it very clear when they met at the gym that day what he was looking for, so it was no surprise when they ended up at Yorman's apartment. Within minutes they were on the bed, kissing and getting things warmed up as they stripped their clothes off. Then it was time for Gaston to show how his mouth worked, and Yorman was ready. He threw his lips on that big dick and went to town. Yorman then laid Gaston down and licked on his sweet asshole, which Gaston loved. That was all he needed before he was ready to take some cock. And take cock he did. They fucked until Yorman bred Gaston's round ass, which Gaston pushed out for show before jerking out his load.
Featuring:  Gaston Ccito, Yorman
Release Date: 01/17/2024

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