Tray Sweet and Alex Montenegro

Tray was interested in breaking into the industry, and we knew we had the right man to break him in. Alex was more than willing to give his hole to this porn virgin, and we were happy to record it. Things started hot and heavy as soon as these two guys got on set. Within minutes, Tray was laying back and getting his cock sucked. Then it was Tray's turn to show us what he could do. Alex found himself on his knees while Tray worked his asshole loose with his mouth. Alex then flipped on his back, and Tray went to work on his dick and hole before fucking his power bottom's hole. Alex moaned as Tray went to town on his ass. He grabbed Tray's hips and pulled him closer. They moved all around the bed as Tray kept pounding Alex's ass. He showed us all what kind of fucker he could be. After they were tuckered out and tired, they laid on the bed, side by side, and jerked out their creamy loads.
Featuring:  Alex Montenegro, Tray Sweet
Release Date: 08/09/2023

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