Timber Harvest Justin Stone and Marcus Tresor

Timber Harvest tells Justin Stone about the experience he had the other day with Marcus Tresor. It was like the book Timber was reading had come to life! Curious, Justin suggests he invite Marcus over. Timber wastes little time in texting Marcus and no sooner is the invitation sent and there's hunky Marcus. He walks in on Timber and Justin, already making out and after making out a bit more, Justin and Marcus are eager to see Timber's huge uncut cock. Together, Justin and Marcus share Timber, taking turns as they slobber on and deep throat the meaty shaft, and slurp on his balls. Timber soon has two holes before him and while rimming one, fingers the other. Timber slides his enormous tool inside Justin's skinny little ass and fucks the twink before moving to Marcus's smooth, muscled ass. After wrecking Marcus, Timber goes back to Justin, who has been quietly fingering and stretching himself, getting ready for more of that thick, long cock. And after taking turns bareback fucking twink and hunk, Marcus and Justin end up side-by-side. Marcus shoots a big load but Justin shoots an even bigger one, with Timber blasting them both, splattering his seed first on one, and then the other. So much cum!
Featuring:  Justin Stone, Marcus Tresor
Release Date: 07/18/2022