Seth Knight and Grayson Lange

Beefed up and inked super hottie Seth Knight is having a bit of trouble. Not only is he horny, he can't get the one thing he wants most...his boyfriend to bottom. "But why? Why not? Why can't you bottom for me?" Seth asks repeatedly, unable to comprehend why he can't get his boyfriend to give up his ass. Frankly, we can't either. Hell, who wouldn't want to bottom for scruffy, hunky bad boy Seth? Luckily, buddy Grayson Lange is more than ready, willing and able to jump in and fulfill Seth's every wish. Grayson offers up his mouth and ass, and Seth uses them both, first shoving his hard cock down Grayson's throat, then eating out that most luscious of morsels, the puckered entrance that is the gateway to the most exquisite pleasure known to tops. Seth, who looks like he might pass for a James Franco relation, bareback fucks Grayson before blowing a huge load all over the twink's ass. And that, gents, is how you make a boyfriend happy and keep him from roaming.
Featuring:  Grayson Lange, Seth Knight
Release Date: 06/06/2022