Romeo Davis and Harvey Sid

Romeo is as horny as ever and has gone a week without a fuck boy on his dick, which is unacceptable. That all changes when he texts Harvey Sid over to his place for an afternoon snack. Romeo is on the bed when Harvey walks into his bedroom and doesn't waste any time getting him in his arms. They only spend a minute kissing before Romeo puts him on his knees and begins to eat his tight ass. But Romeo isn't the one needing the snack, and soon Harvey is enjoying a delicious, thick, and tasty cock down his throat. Romeo loves feeding his boy, but we all know what he wants. Romeo didn't call Harvey over for anything but a hard, long fuck. Being the good boy that he is, Harvey get's right into position, chest down, ass up, on the bed. Romeo falls deep into Harvey and goes to work, pounding his boy open, in several positions, until he is ready to unload all over Harvey's happy and worn out hole.
Featuring:  Harvey Sid, Romeo Davis
Release Date: 09/14/2022