Ray Dalton and Jack Simmons

Jack Simmons and Ray Dalton re-unite after a chance encounter at a gym, twenty years ago. The well-dressed daddies are eager and super excited to get it on and it shows. The interracial bareback couple waste little time in stripping down, teasing each other as they make out and suck some H-U-G-E cock. Both are just about equally matched but Jack is clearly a bit bigger and a bit thicker. Tattooed and hairy Ray throws his legs up in the air because he knows what Jack wants. If you're into rimming, watching Jack lap up Ray's starburst will have your tongue wagging. How do we know this? Because that was OUR reaction! But the heat doesn't end there. Jack slides that enormous monster cock into Ray using only spit for lube. Then he starts fucking. Ray eggs Jack on and while the black monster hung daddy fucks, we get to see Ray's ass lips getting stretched out. Jack thrusts, pumping back and forth, showing plenty of length as he pulls out almost all the way to the head, then slides back into that warm, moist manhole. Ray devolves from being a hung bareback top dad to being Jack's personal bottom bitch, taking every single inch Jack has to offer, as well as his seed. This is nonstop bareback fucking at it's finest, with two of the hottest daddies in porn!
Featuring:  Jack Simmons, Ray Dalton
Release Date: 04/20/2022