Ray Dalton and Alex Mason

Ray Dalton is the type of daddy we all fantasize about…masculine, toned, with a tight body and a B-I-G fucking cock! And since nobody likes daddies as much as bareback cum pig Alex Mason, it's the perfect pairing of "daddy and son." The duo get down to business with Alex devouring Ray's thick tool and cum-filled balls. Ray shows off some of his oral skills before exposing Alex's fuckhole and burying his face deep in that sweet crack. Hung daddy then lubes up the power bottom and slides that fat slab of meat home, like a hot knife through butter. The two then fuck like wild animals, delivering a trash-talking, bareback pounding as Ray literally fucks the cum out of Alex before finally breeding and seeding the load collector, who fires off a second load!
Featuring:  Alex Mason, Ray Dalton
Release Date: 12/16/2020