Nixon Steele and Marco Bolt

Mason Lear is in the market for a new home but he's not sure what type of property he wants and uncertain of how far his money will take him. He wants some bang for his buck, so he goes to an Open House. There, he'll find out exactly what he can get. As it turns out, the current owner, Sean Knight, is home. Flustered to see the unexpected naked man taking a bath, Mason tries to step away but can't resist the bearded, hairy hunk. And all it takes for Mason to strip down and step into the tub with the horny fucker is an easy invite from Sean. The bearded and tattooed homeowner is soon on his knees, devouring Mason's stiff cock and showing off the home's best -- ahem -- asset. Mason turns the cocksucker around to eat out his hairy ass before putting in a bid for the hungry hole. Sean accepts Mason's offer, backing up onto the stiff cock and fucking himself bareback. But after a while, Mason takes over, moving in and taking possession of the raw hole, seeding Sean with a good load before eventually putting in a real bid on the house.
Featuring:  Marco Bolt, Nixon Steele
Release Date: 07/01/2022