Milo Maderas and Mateo Torres

Milo and Mateo had been flirting online for a few weeks and are very excited to get together. They wasted no time getting to know each other better as they stripped off their shirts while kissing. Milo pulls down his pants and gives Mateo what he wants. But before they started fucking, Milo wanted his dick in Mateo's mouth. Milo pulled his meat out, and Mateo went right for it. He sucked it while Milo teased his tight asshole. He then fucked Mateo's face until his cock was deep down his hungry throat. Milo threw Mateo on his back, ate his hole some more, and then filled it up. Mateo's face tells you how great it felt. Milo doesn't disappoint with a little ass-to-mouth action between positions. They fucked hard, leaving Milo's balls drained and both men happy.
Featuring:  Mateo Torres, Milo Maderas
Release Date: 05/10/2023

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