Mason Lear and Jesse Ferrer

Don't you love running into an old friend! Mason just checked into his hotel room and noticed his old fuck buddy Jesse in the hallway. He mentioned his room number in case Jesse wanted to stop by and was happy to hear the door knock an hour later. Jesse walked in and went right over to the bed where Mason was chilling. They began kissing as Mason groped Jesse's ass, teasing his hole with his finger. They get naked, and Jesse takes his place between Mason's legs. He sucks on his buddy's cock, smacking his face with the shaft, and taking it deep down his throat. Mason puts Jesse on his knees and gets his boy's ass wet and warmed up for his cock. When ready, Mason stuffs his boy with his thick dick, and Jesse moans in pleasure with a hint of pain. Mason fucks Jesse until Jesse can't hold back anymore and comes with Mason inside of him. Mason continues to fuck Jesse until he shoots his load too.
Featuring:  Jesse Ferrer, Mason Lear
Release Date: 11/23/2022

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