Marc Angelo and Loan Damon

As many of our Hairy and Raw members know, Marc Angelo is a big and beefy hairy man who loves sex. Now, in his first ever bareback scene, the tattooed muscle bear is even more intense! Featured in this week’s update, the pierced daddy has been cast as a doctor at a fertility clinic. Loan Damon, a thin waif-like young man, is the dutiful husband who clearly can’t get his wife pregnant. He’s at the clinic to check his sperm count but Doctor Marc already has a sneaky suspicion Loan simply prefers cock. After stepping away to give Loan some privacy, Marc comes back to lend a helping hand and affirm his suspicion that the young man just prefers a hot and hairy piece of man ass! After waving his pierced cock in Loan’s face, Marc offers up his meaty ass for Loan to eat then turns around and returns the favor. He sucks on the thick hung and uncut young man, rims his ass, then slides that cock home nice and raw and easy. The beefy muscle daddy bareback fucks slender Loan until he’s ready to pop his load. We’ll never know what his sperm count is, or if he’s fertile, but who cares? He just got fucked. Raw. And by one of the hottest daddies in the industry!
Featuring:  Loan Damon, Marc Angelo
Release Date: 03/25/2022