Justin Cross and Xavier Ryan

Justin Cross is a budding photographer and Xavier Ryan is his more than willing subject. After Justin takes some test shots of Xavier, they head back home where they can lay down and cuddle. Except cuddling makes them horny. Next thing you know, Justin is making love to Xavier's cock with his mouth, trying to take every inch down his throat. This only makes Xavier itch for a big cock up his ass and he's soon riding Justin's long, raw shaft. Once Xavier is used to having Justin inside him, he really goes to town, riding and bucking and fucking himself. Xavier's own cock is extremely hard and swings wildly up and down, so much so that Justin has to grab hold of that puppy and hang onto it! Xavier uses Justin like a bounce house and takes his cock for a human dildo before Justin takes charge, filling and stretching and pounding Xavier, fucking him bareback. Justin sprays fresh young cum all over Xavier's sweet, trim ass, seeding his hole with the last of his jizz before Xavier pumps one out, coating his belly with creamy white, sticky stuff. They should have taken a picture of that. It would have lasted longer.
Featuring:  Justin Cross, Xavier Ryan
Release Date: 05/16/2022