Justin Cross and Jackson Reed

Tossing the old pigskin around on his own, Jackson Reed is momentarily surprised when Justin Cross snatches the ball from him mid-air. But Jackson doesn't really need to toss around a pigskin. Not when he's a pig, himself. A pig for cock, that is! The tattooed and scruffy hottie, clad in a red and yellow jockstrap, with matching knee-highs and baseball cap, wastes little time in swallowing Justin's big cock. Moments later, Jackson squats over Justin's face in order to get his ass spit-lubed. While Justin does his job, Jackson leans forward and continues sucking the big, thick, throbbing slab of jock meat. Jackson is soon on all fours, pushing his ass back to greet Justin's forward thrusts. Fucked bareback, into a pleasure-filled delirium, Jackson catches and collects Justin's load, where it belongs.
Featuring:  Jackson Reed, Justin Cross
Release Date: 04/18/2022