Justin Cross and Antonio Fields

Sweet and adorable Antonio Fields knows there's nothing like a hearty breakfast to start the day off right and kick it into high gear...pancakes, eggs, juice and coffee. He also knows there's yet another sweet start to the day...a good, old fashioned fuck! As natural as swallowing a big gulp of your favorite juice, Antonio greets the day -- and his new boyfriend, Justin Cross -- with a smile, a waiting breakfast in the kitchen and a hard-on in the bedroom. Antonio goes down on Justin, sucking that big, juicy slab of meat then quickly presents his ass for Justin to eat. Which only makes the thick hung young stud want to bury his cock balls deep inside Antonio's hot, clutching hole. Justin gives Antonio a sunny side up, bareback fuck, delivering more cum than the hollandaise sauce on your eggs! Which only makes us wonder. After this, what are these two going to come up with for lunch?
Release Date: 04/04/2022