Jon Shield and Dolf Dietrich

Bearded hottie Jon Shield is in the shower when Dolf Dietrich walks in. Dolf takes one look at Jon’s huge cock and has to have it. And since tattooed and pierced Jon is always horny, who was he to say no? Dolf joins him in the shower and they start making out, one extremely tall, the other several inches shorter. But what he lacks in height he makes up for in cock! This guy was truly blessed. After taking turns blowing each other, Jon buries his furry face in Dolf’s smooth ass, rimming the hungry pink fuck hole before sliding that big raw dick inside using only spit for lube. At first. Since he’s too big, he eventually has to pull and add lubrication before continuing the balls deep bareback fuck. Jon slips that torpedo-like cock back inside the tattooed giant and pounds away, clearly sending Dolf into orbit with a hot and steamy raw fuck.
Featuring:  Dolf Dietrich, Jon Shield
Release Date: 04/28/2021