Jeremy Feist and Ducky

We've had the pleasure of seeing Ducky top once or twice, and his big dick is a monster in a bottom's hole, but we didn't know that he was vers and loves taking a good pounding. With this information, we knew who we could call on to do the job. Jeremy knew what Ducky needed, and after some kissing, Ducky's mouth was full of hard dick. Jeremy treats his bottoms the way he himself wants to be treated and licked Ducky's ass just enough to open his hole up and watch it wink. That's when he knew Ducky was ready to get fucked, and he thrust his cock in deep. Ducky loved every inch and was happy to be fucked. Jeremy doesn't take long to do what needs to be done. He sprays his seed on Ducky's used hole, which makes them both happy.
Featuring:  Ducky, Jeremy Feist
Release Date: 04/24/2024

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