Jay Ricci and Bruce Bach

At Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale, where there's a sling in every room, the sexual denizens are still horny and in need of getting off. Tattooed Italian daddy Jay Ricci, decked out in a leather harness, follows Bruce Bacch into his room and the two immediately get down to business. Kissing is definitely in order but what Jay wants is a place to bury that huge, curved cock of his. First Jay buries it in Bruce's mouth, balls deep, making him work for some ball juice before teasing Bruce's ass and roughly fingering his hungry hole. When Jay's ready, he gets Bruce in the sling, face down, ass up. He dives, burying his face in Bruce's hairy ass, eating him out like a straight man eats pussy. Bruce is in heaven and becomes euphoric when Jay slides that big raw cock up his ass, pounding away and fucking him bareback. Jay goes D-E-E-P, deeper in fact than Bruce has taken in a while but he endures like the true bareback whore that he is, even as Jay uses his own harness and the sling or leverage, pulling Bruce close while simultaneously shoving his cock inside Bruce. Jay takes his sweet time pumping and thrusting, taking full ownership of Bruce's hungry hole. Jay fucks the cum out of Bruce before spraying his seed all over the freshly fucked hairy ass then fucks it his jizz inside the greedy load collector.
Featuring:  Bruce Bacch, Jay Ricci
Release Date: 05/05/2023

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