Hugh Hunter and Stephen Harte

Hugh Hunter and Stephen Harte started making out hot and heavy before we even got the cameras rolling. The hairy fuckers were clearly horny! Bearded tattooed daddy Hugh enjoys a good blowjob before fucking Stephen’s face. Then he decides he wants a taste of what Stephen’s got to offer. Still wearing his jockstrap, Stephen is more than happy to let Hugh have his way but since he’s more of a bottom he’s soon getting rimmed, anxious to take Hugh’s big fat cock. Stephen ends up on all fours and on his back, legs up in the air, doing what he does best, taking cock and getting plowed deep hard and raw. And Hugh does what HE does best, stuffing and pounding the hell out of bareback power bottoms! But in a surprising turn of events that even we were unaware of, Hugh and Stephen swap positions and the bareback top becomes the bottom, taking a fuck from Stephen before the bearded otter sprays his load on, then in his ass. Hugh whips out a big thick load of jizz, which Stephen laps up and feeds to Hugh. Could it be Stephen is finding his inner top? Only time will tell.
Featuring:  Hugh Hunter, Stephen Harte
Release Date: 02/17/2021

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