Gustavo Ryder and Ronny Aislan

I've seen some hot, sweaty, beastly fucking before, and Gustavo and Ronny were not to be outdone. I'm still not sure if they knew each other, but once we started rolling our cameras, it was clear that knowing each other didn't matter. All that mattered was who was going to give dick and who was going to take it. The two hotties started making out on the bed. Then things got serious when Ronny began giving Gustavo's cock some love and attention. Gustavo's huge cock quickly filled up with enough blood to break down a brick wall, and soon it was time for Gustavo to use his tools to do just that. Ronny loves giving his body to his top, and this time was no exception. Gustavo fucked Ronny until they were both dripping in sweat, and Ronny had a load all over his ass.
Featuring:  Gustavo Ryder, Ronny Aislan
Release Date: 06/12/2024

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