Drew Dixon and Starlen Gold

What if your bestie was also your number one fuck buddy? Drew is super horny and he knows just who to text...Starlen. They've been besties for a few years, but have been sexual even before then, so why not keep the friends with benefits relationship going? When Starlen comes into Drew's room they get right down to business. They start by kissing as Starlen takes off his top, then shoes, and throws them on the floor. He then pulls his dick out for Drew to work up with his mouth. Drew loves sucking on Starlen, spitting on his dick to get it wet. After a few minutes it's time for Starlen to feast on Drew's hole a little before he gives Drew's ass a nice slow warm up. Within seconds of being inside him, Starlen is going to town on his bestie's round, firm ass. Drew and Starlen are both fully vers so Starlen knows whatever he dishes out, he will get back in full. And after a few minutes of deep, hard fucking it's Drew's turn to work his cock in Starlen's mouth and hole. Starlen loves his hole being used and Drew knows just how to use it, which ends in a huge load from each of them all over Starlen that Drew licks up and feeds back to him. What are friends for?
Featuring:  Drew Dixon, Starlen Gold
Release Date: 08/26/2020