Drew Dixon and Robert Royal

What's your idea of a great date night? Drew Dixon is a great top, but tonight he's giving up his hole. After a great date night with Robert, Drew takes his man to a local hotel to spark their relationship. And it doesn't take long for these two to light the match. As soon as they walk into the room, they are on each other. They kiss in the entranceway until they make their way to the side of the bed. That's where Robert turns Drew around, pulls his pants down, and starts to eat his ass. Drew bends over so he can get nice and deep in there. They then take it to the bed where Drew gets right to sucking on Roberts's cock. Then it's deep fucking all over the hotel bed until Drew ends up on his back, with Robert filling him with cock as he jerks off onto his stomach. Robert then adds his load to the mess.
Featuring:  Drew Dixon, Robert Royal
Release Date: 11/16/2022