Drew Dixon and Alex Montenegro

When it comes to sex, sometimes you have to get right down to business. Drew is hanging out on the bed, but once Alex enters the room, they waste very little time before they start making out. Drew grabs a handful of his bottoms ass and brings him in closer as they kiss. Alex takes his shirt off and then helps Drew with his, so he can kiss on his nipples, lick on his pits and chest before pulling out Drew's dick from beneath his shorts. Alex was made to suck on his tops dick and treats it as a piece of the king's gold, taking care of it from tip to balls until Drew orders him to show him his ass so he can eat him out. He feasts on his ass while Alex continues to give his cock the royal treatment. Alex then lays on his belly to give full control of his sweet, wet hole to Drew. Soon Drew is drilling his bottom boy, giving him as much cock as he wants. Pounding his ass as Alex moans, grabs the sheets, pushes back, then totally submits to his dick. They continue fucking raw dog all over the bed then flip to missionary position, fuck more and shoot their loads all over Alex's belly before they lick it up and feed each other with a kiss.
Featuring:  Alex Montenegro, Drew Dixon
Release Date: 08/10/2022

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