Dolf Dietrich and Nate Stetson

For those of you with a penchant for men with mustaches, especially hot men that are a throwback to the vintage porn of the '70s we all love, Nate Stetson is about to rock your cock. Paired with tattooed muscle hunk, Dolf Dietrich, Nate seems almost petite but the handsome man with chiseled good lucks is up for the challenge of taking on Dolf. After making out and trading blowjobs Dolf gets on his knees and presents his big muscled ass for inspection. Nate doesn't waste any time. He buries his face in the big, meaty round globes and goes to town rimming and tongue fucking the bigger guy. Nate made a meal out of Dolf's tasty hole and it was anybody's guess when he was going to come up for air, but come up for air he did, but only long enough to work his raw cock inside Dolf's hungry hole. Nate bareback fucks the tattooed stud until he's ready to blow his load, breeding Dolf and pounding the cum out of him.
Featuring:  Dolf Dietrich, Nate Stetson
Release Date: 06/01/2022