Dolf Dietrich and Alessio Romero

Sometimes, a scene defies description. There simply are no words to describe the hotness between two hairy, sweaty men or the nasty action that takes place between them. This scene with Dolf Dietrich and Alessio Romero is one of those. First, the location. A Vegas bathhouse called Entourage, where the scene was filmed. But if you didn't know that, you'd probably think gym locker room. You can already smell the sweat, can't you? Years of accumulated man smells. There's some good dick sucking here, mouth watering rimming, but it's the piggy bareback fucking and greedy seeding that gets your balls churning. Second, with Alessio's head all but shoved into a locker, you'll no doubt think back to the days when you'd walk into your school gymnasium. Remember that scent? That was the smell of testosterone permeating the air along with -- or perhaps this is just OUR perverted fantasy -- the odor of freshly spilled seed masked by bleach. Gotta love the unique smell of raging hormones. Always gets the pulse racing, blood flowing, and cock chubbing.
Release Date: 07/27/2022