Dalton Hawg and Allen Fulton

Allen Fulton is a big guy with broad shoulders. Definitely in the bruiser category. Except this big dude turns into a complete puppy when it comes to bearded daddies with F-A-T cock. In Dalton Hawg, Allen’s found the perfect dungeon partner who hits all the right buttons. Clad in fetish gear, the two horny men get hornier still while grooving on man scents, and working hard nipples with their tongue and teeth while groping each other. But when these guys get ready to suck, it turns into a total cock worship session! When Dalton’s had enough of their mutual teasing, he bends Allen over a fuck bench and buries his face in the exposed ass, rimming the hairy hole and priming it for a slam DUNK of a bareback fuck Allen won’t soon forget!
Featuring:  Allen Fulton, Dalton Hawg
Release Date: 03/18/2022