Clay Towers and Alex Hawk

How do you say hello to an old friend? It's been a while since Clay and Alex got together, maybe not since the boy's trip a few years ago. They needed some quality time together, and that's just what they got. They wasted no time getting naked and kissing before Alex's mouth finds its way down to Clay's hard cock. Alex takes his time and makes sure he shows every inch of it some love. Clay is ready to return the favor on Alex's delicious hole while getting it ready for his dick. And once it's ready, Alex takes it all without any issues, and with no rush, they make sure to take in every stroke. Starting in doggy, Clay fills Alex's hole until he is ready to let Alex take over. They fuck all over the bed until Alex is cumming while getting drilled, and Clay breeds him.
Featuring:  Alex Hawk, Clay Towers
Release Date: 12/14/2022