Clay Towers Brian Bonds and Mason Lear

Now, this is the kind of stress release I need right now. Clay, Brain, and Mason have not spent a lot of time together, even tho they are roommates. With all of them being so busy and trying to stay safe, their close friendship was becoming a little unraveled. So when Brian mentioned a boy's weekend to Palm Springs for the holidays, the others were instantly down. They all needed a good stress release, and Palm Springs was just the right place. That and a hot roommate threesome. And they get right to business as soon as they land in the desert and get into the hotel room. Immediately Mason is feeding Clay his cock and ass, while Brian is busy getting Clay's hole ready for dick with his mouth. Then it's nothing but hot flip-fucking and sucking from there, with everyone getting a turn, in and out of each hole, until they shoot their loads. A great way to start a holiday.
Featuring:  Brian Bonds, Clay Towers
Release Date: 09/21/2022

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