Christian Matthew and Dusty Williams

Sometimes a scene unfolds before our very eyes, even before cameras start rolling. That's what happened with bareback sex pigs Christian Matthew and Dusty Williams. These two couldn't keep their hands off each other even though we hadn’t given them the green light. They were so hungry for cock they started sucking right away. Christian and Dusty briefly trade blowjobs before making a meal out of the other's hole. The hairy fuckers rim each other long enough to apply the right amount of spit for lube. Dusty then straddles tattooed Christian, impales himself on the fat dick and starts riding, bouncing up and down like the good, eager cock slut we know him to be. What follows is an intense bareback fuck, with Christian as top, pumping, thrusting and pounding the hell out of Dusty, who clearly loves every throbbing, hole stretching inch of Christian's tool. Dusty takes all that Christian delivers...from getting fucked doggy-style, to getting slammed at the edge of the bed, then getting his face fucked, ass-to-mouth, before taking even more raw cock balls deep inside that hungry fuckhole. Lip-smacking good!
Release Date: 02/16/2022