Austin Cook and Gregor Gilead

Austin Cook has a new neighbor. He's a skinny, pale little thing and always peeking through Austin's window. And Austin knows exactly what Gregor is looking for. It takes very little time for him to make friends with Gregor Gilead and slightly less time to get the twink into his bedroom. After playfully pushing the newbie onto his bed, Austin whips out his uncut cock and slaps it on Gregor's face. Austin is immediately hard, especially once Gregor opens his mouth and starts to suck on the thick, mouth watering tool! Austin returns the favor but isn't much of a cock sucker. In fact, he doesn't usually play with other boys, although he's discovering it's not so bad. Gregor soon takes the reins, straddling Austing throbbing shaft and impaling himself. Gregor jerks himself off, at times with Austin's help, as he rides bareback. Gregor ends up on his back and shoots a big load as Austin fucks the cum out of him. Austin quickly follows, splattering a big load all over Gregor.
Featuring:  Austin Cook, Gregor Gilead
Release Date: 06/05/2023

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