Ari Nucci and Grayson Lange

We all have one. An ex who rocked our world with his looks, his cock, or his finesse at using you, pleasuring your body and fucking you to the very core. Maybe he was your first. Maybe he was your last. Either way, you probably still think of him, don't you? Grayson Lange is the forlorn pup, once upon a time in love and in lust with tall, tattooed and beautifully hung Ari Nucci, who has the big fat cock as well as the experience to back it up. Grayson might no longer be with Ari but he takes us with him for a trip down memory lane as he reminisces, remembering how he used to choke while sucking Ari, and the deliciously wicked way in which Ari bareback fucked his sweet hole, fucking the cum out of him and giving him a mouth watering facial. Ari and Grayson will remind you of the one that got away, the one you still think of, alone in the dark, as you jerk off to the picture perfect memory that was the sex, the scents, and the incredible way he made you feel.
Featuring:  Ari Nucci, Grayson Lange
Release Date: 03/21/2022