Aiden Ward and Timber Harvest

Aiden Ward wants a piece of ass and there's only one way to get it... Invite Timber Harvest to join him at the Stroker's Athletics Club. Timber is eager to get with Aiden and desperately wants what the trainer has to offer. After making out, he sucks Aiden, getting him nice and hard. Aiden returns the favor but quickly moves to eat ass, giving Timber one hell of a rim job! After lubing up Timber's hole, Aiden finger fucks him to stretch out those tasty ass lips a bit more. Then Aiden slides his big cock inside Timber. Slow. Gentle. At first. Once he's firmly entrenched inside the hungry bottom, Aiden starts to pound. He goes to town, bareback fucking Timber and nailing his sweet ass, for as long as he can take it. Aiden then gets Timber on all fours before slamming into him repeatedly, and doesn't stop until he's ready to blow. Aiden shoots his load all over Timber, who fires off almost immediately, for a simultaneous orgasm that will make your mouth water!
Featuring:  Aiden Ward, Timber Harvest
Release Date: 07/11/2022