Aiden Ward and Lucifer Angel

With the tempting allure of the Devil himself, Lucifer Angel sucks Aiden Ward's big cock, getting his face fucked in the process before Aiden returns the oral favor. Hung, tattooed Aiden soon has Lucifer's legs up in the air and devours his hole as if it were a delectable morsel. Hmmm. Tasty! Lucifer eggs him on, craving more tongue, more spit. And you can just imagine how he might taste on Aiden's tongue when they kiss. We sure can! Or we'd like to. But back to Aiden and Lucifer. Once primed, Lucifer takes Aiden down a path that's hard to come back from. A path of pleasure that corrupts down to the very core. Lucifer offers up his ass for Aiden to fuck, and fuck it he does! The smooth, toned hottie slides that thick, curved slab balls deep inside, pumping away and hitting Lucifer's G-spot as they edge towards climax. Aiden sprays an enormous load of cum all over Lucifer's ass then Lucifers unleashes a torrent of his own fresh, white hot cream. And with a kiss - Lucifer's kiss, Aiden is ruined for any other bottom that might want to claim his cock, seed, and probably his soul!
Featuring:  Aiden Ward, Lucifer Angel
Release Date: 04/25/2022