Aiden Ward and Grayson Lange

You know that buddy you have? The one you're attracted to? The one who fuels your desire and makes you spill copious amounts of cum while you fantasize about being his? Grayson Lange is in such a predicament. The trouble is, he's already had sex with Aiden and has been spoiled for anyone else. And despite the fact that once upon a time there was something between them, the two are still BFFs. But Grayson wants more and has vowed never again to have sex with the hung and lustful Aiden. At least, not until he can commit. And with all the slutting around Aiden has done lately. Well, you get the gist. There's just one problem. Well, okay. Maybe two: youth and horniness. Or perhaps it's just one since they seem to go hand-in-hand? In the locker room, just before working out at the gym, Grayson takes one look at Aiden's huge, fat, throbbing cock and in a moment of weakness, caves to his own desires, Aiden's charm and his humongous slab. Unable to resist, Grayson takes as much of that sweet meat down his throat, then allows himself to be used like a rag doll, spun around and manhandled, bareback fucked deep and long and hard.
Featuring:  Aiden Ward, Grayson Lange
Release Date: 02/21/2022

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